Monday, February 05, 2007

Gosh! I am 250 years old!

Finally I switched to the New Blogger, using the Google account. Didn't dare to switch before because I was scare that it would affect the postings that were already in place. It wasn't a choice because I don't know what I did yesterday and I was prompted to switch before I could continue. And I did!

I like the New Blogger!! I am glad it didn't affect the template, layouts, etc. The only thing that caught my eyes was I have an age in my profile. I didn't reveal my year of birth. I don't want my age to be shown. But it said: Age: 250

Gosh! You might think that I did that on purpose! I didn't! It must be the switching bug - In the year box was the number 1757!! Hey! I don't remember anyone in this dispensation of time to live that long. I would be 6 feet underground.


Milky Bar Kid said...

Irene, Happy new blogging! LOL. I was a bit afraid to change over but I took the plunge last month and I must say I don't like some of the way the new Blogger works ie; My blog index is not in the same order as before and I cannot change that -- unless someone out there knows how to do it. I must go and check my DOB too.

Milky Bar Kid said...

Hey, you must have removed you age from the public profile as its not there now. My age was correct athough I don't feel it yet.

Irene said...

Yes I have! Funny - I am not secretive about my year of birth to anyone who asked me personally, but I prefer not to reveal it publicly here!