Wednesday, June 04, 2014

One of Those Bad Days (1)

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Mike has booked to fly Tampa/Atlanta/Little Rock (5:25/6:48 - 7:45/8:13) but couldn't get on the flight because he had to conceal his unloaded gun in a box.   He ended up buying a tool box and a lock.   He was put on a 8 something flight and arrived in Little Rock at 1:30 pm.

Question:  Didn't Mike check the carrying of gun policy on flight?  If he did, there must be a misunderstanding.

Mike booked to pick the budget truck from a place near the Little Rock airport but the truck was not available.   Thankfully our friend SeanM who was meeting Mike at the airport offered to drive 40 miles to the nearest dealer to pick an available truck.   I had confirmed with the landlord that we are moving out of the condominium this day.

Question:  Why didn't Mike write to the budget truck to voice his grievance of unavailable truck and the distance to get one?   Budget truck should compensate us for the mileage incurred.