Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Frozen Shoulders

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Every time I returned from my janitor work, my shoulders ached. First number of months in the work - after a day's & a night's break, the shoulders felt better. After that, the shoulders remained achy, even after any breaks. Normal work days were Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The aches were not so unbearable that I would consult a doctor. A friend (who is also a janitor but works for a different company) said fortnightly visits to her chiropractor kept her going. With the work schedule that I was in, I felt that the aches would come back anyway. The doctor's prescription or the chiropractor's adjustments were only temporary relieves.

I believe that our bodies have the capability to heal themselves. So I waited until I left my job.

1st week and 2nd week out of employment only see pain and stiffness in my shoulders - I could not lift my right arm beyond/above the level of my eyes! It was as if that shoulder joint was locked! My left shoulder could stretch higher but with pain! My body was not healing itself!

I believe in traditional healing. Between chiropractor and acupuncturist, I went to a chiropractor! Visited 3 times and that was all I needed for experience. I didn't feel there were much improvement in my arms. I did feel better only immediately after the therapies ministered at the clinic, but next day the stiffness returned. Mike was right - chiropractor is not what I needed to heal my stiff shoulders.

A friend said she wanted to try acupuncture for her hands. Even though the acupuncturist was professional, whose father was also an acupuncturist, circumstances only allow us 2 times. I am thankful for that circumstances! 2 times was enough experience for me! I don't like the needles!

12 weeks plus, I finally consulted a doctor who diagnosed me as having "shoulder adhesive capsulitis".

After 3 visits to the doctor, x-rays of both shoulders, MR of my left shoulder and 8 physical therapy sessions, I can stretch my arms as in the picture posted here.

I have to continue doing the stretching exercises, that I learnt from the physical therapist, daily, to return to full flexibility. I am happy that I can hook my bras behind to-date, even though the arms are not as flexible yet. I am getting there!