Friday, May 16, 2014

Don't trust the rolls of coins are 100% correct.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Can you trust the rolls of coins from the bank?   I think we all do.   I don't know of anyone who would question or check the rolls of coins that they obtain from the bank teller, even if it is only a roll of quarters, which is $10.

This morning, while waiting for my companion, I killed my time by counting the quarters through the clear plastic that hold the 2 rolls of $10 quarters.    Already I do not have 100% trust in the accuracy of the rolls.    I had worked as a cashier and even though I was sure I was accurate with my cash handling, I could not understand why I was short of coins, at the end of my shift at times.  Either the counting machine in our business was wrong or the rolls of coins from the bank were short!   Or the person who counted my till had counted wrongly.    It is not like there is another person recounting to ensure its accuracy.    Anyway, another person recounting would be impractical because I would think the minus and plus are minimal.

So I counted the 2 rolls of quarters, and recounted the roll that was short of a quarter!  Someone else counted it too and confirmed it was short.   So
 I went back to the bank teller.   Her supervisor witnessed as the bank teller removed the plastic cover and counted the quarters on the table.   I could hear the coins being counted.     They gave to me a new roll, which I counted on site, before leaving.

I think this incident is rare.

Friday, 15 August 2014

So another 2 weeks and I would be a year in the company and for some reason I wanted to check a roll of paper wrapped quarters in my till.    I have not done it before with rolls of coins.   I was also not instructed to count our tills when we logged in the 1st time to our assigned cash register.   I was told that I could ask for an audit of my till before I start my shift.

Must be a sense of prompting to check today.    The $10 roll was short of 40 cts! Instead of 40 quarters, there were 38 quarters and 2 nickels!

The manager said it was probably rolls of quarters that was remitted to the bank by public.

My till balance was exactly 40 cts short because of that 2 nickels!