Saturday, February 21, 2015

Chinese New Year Dinner 2015

Friday, 20 February 2015

Last year we had the dinner ( one month into the Year of the Horse.   We had 2 guests then.  The year had passed and the Chinese New Year of the Goat is in. This year we also had 2 adults guests as well, the difference is that they are family.    And we also have a 3rd guest in a 3 yr old granddaughter.    The CNY dinner is actually a reunion dinner and usually celebrated on the CNY's eve, when family members gathered together.  Tonight's dinner is indeed a reunion dinner, even though it is not celebrated on the CNY's eve.

As usual, the traditional Hakka yong tau foo (stuffed bean curd).  I deep fried the stuffed bean curd, then braised them with Chinese mushrooms.
Stuffed Bean Curd

Some of the following dishes were only thought of when I was preparing the ingredients.
Stir fried Chinese chives with eggs
Stir fried snow peas with carrots and minced pork
Stir fried prawns with celery
Sweet and sour fish

We love blanced bok choy.   So this is a must, even though it is the simpliest dish
Blanced bok choy

Like usual, we bought the following meat from the oriental store:
Roasted and barbequed pork
Roasted duck