Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Day of Surpises

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

It was break time. I was having lunch in a room when the delivery came. I thought it was just some people dropping in and asking for donations. It had happened in the past weeks. I didn't bother to check - too busy eating! I heard Ron talking to a lady. Mike was surprised why I was not interested to check what was going on at the reception area.

It was a delivery for me - a birthday present!

Mike has ordered it for me! The mixer pot is beautiful. Accompanying it were packets of Blazin Black Bean Dip Mix, Jalapeno Cheddar Dip Mix, Classic Dill Dip and Southwest Chile & Onion Dip Mix.

Thanks Mike! And thank you to all my friends who emailed me. And thank you especially to a dear friend in Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia) who waited until office was opened this morning so that she could phone me. It was past 11 pm her time.

That was the 2nd surprise of the day. Mid this morning, a family friend came into our office, greeted me and placed the presents that he and his wife has put together for me. I thought he was visiting Ron and Mike.

3rd surprise. After dinner (which Mike insisted on cooking), Mike took out from the refrigerator, a big doughnut that he had bought without my knowledge. He had iced it himself and completed it with candles. That was the first time I had a birthday doughnut instead of a cake. Isn't that cute?


Monday, 23 July 2007

It felt good to talk in the Malay language today. The distinctive voice of a Malaysian sounded like music to me. I felt homesick. I identified myself as a Malaysian and felt his instant support. I felt more homesick as I felt the unmistakenable friendliness that I am accustom to, with my fellow countrymen-friends.

Talking about being fussy, I phoned MAS office in Kuala Lumpur to double-check that my flight reservations from LAX to MYY were in place.

The officer attending to me was very kind. I think I am getting more long-winded and repetitive as I grow older. He was patient to hear me go on and on as I spoke about my original reservations, the change I made and the problem that I was facing at that time - booking online the connecting flight from KUL to MYY.

He was so nice. He told me what to do. He also said he was due to go off duty in 15 minutes and that if I have problem again to phone him again. He left his name.