Friday, January 23, 2015

Posting Jobs on Craigslist

So I posted on Craigslist "Elderly Helper/Companion" in 2014 hoping to find extra money.  I am thinking of  just being a companion, like spending time playing board games, like that, nothing sexually.    And these were the responses that I received:

(1)  Offered job to do "Mail Services" - I checked the internet and found out that it was a scam.
Responder:  Found your advert of looking for a part time job?  Are you available to run errands?  I am looking for someone who can handle my personal Assistant and run business errands at his/her spare time.  Someone who can offer me these services:  Mail services: Receive my mails and drop them off at UPS (nothing illegal).  Shop for GiftsSit for delivery (at your home) or pick items up at nearby post office at your convenience. Let me know if you will be able to offer me any of these services.
My reply: Thanks for your offer.  Could you call and explain your business and we will decided.
Responder:  My name is ........ and this job is flexible so you can do it wherever you are provided that there is a post office in the area.  In addition to that, I don't mind you doing all of the tasks during your spare time outside of work or school.  I wish I could meet up with you to talk about this job in person but I am currently away on business.  All errands will be in your city/town so it is not a must that you have a car for the job, you can go places by bus or taxi.  When you get my mails/packages; you are required to mail them to where I want them mailed to.   Cash some check when they are sent to you.  You won't have to put money out of your pocket, that's all you have to do.  You are allowed to open the packages to reveal the content.  The content of the packages will be business and personal mails.
My reply: Sorry, we have to decline your offer.  Thanks and good luck.  

(2)  To contact the sender on his/her private mail - I didn't like him/her to contact his/her private mail - sounds fishy.
Responder:  Read your post on craigslist seeking for a job.  Do you still need one?  If YES, contact me on my private mail ......... for more info.
My reply  Thks for ur msg.  I have to decline ur offer.  Good luck. 

(3)  Seeking a mature, compassionate elderly woman caregiver - I thought this is genuine offer.  I couldn't perform the duties they listed.  And furthermore I do not want to leave my present job.   Also why didn't they call?
Responder:  Companion and Personal Care is seeking a mature, compassionate caregive available 3-4 hours.  Must have a caring heart and experience caring for the elderly.  Disabled woman bedridden, needs someone to assist with changing, cooking and PT. 3 times a week from 9am to 12pm, weekends off. Duties may include: Companionship, medication reminders, transportation (available), personal care. ... (email address)....., $XXX Weekly Caregiver/CNA.
My reply: Thks for ur offer.  Not available for that time.  What I am looking for is simple 'babysitting' and companionship for few hrs at night when family need to get away.  Good luck.  Hope someone could help this lady.   

(4)  Offering job to post adverts on Craigslist - I feel uncomfortable with the offer.
Responder:  Good morning to you and your family.  Get back to me if you are still looking for job.
My reply: Thks for asking.  I m happy with my present job even though very little hrs.  What I am looking for is simple 'babysitting' and compansionship for a few hrs at night when family need to get away.  What have u to offer?
Responder:  Craigslists ads poster is needed, in which you will be posting advert on Craigslist and get paid $XXX weekly.  Let me know if you are interested in the offer.
My reply:  I don't think so.  Thank u.  Good luck.

(5) Offered job as a Nanny/Baby Sitter - Sounds fishy, asking for my resume and no suggestion of meeting me first and yet offering to pay me in advance.  And also I have stated my age in my advert and yet they remarked that if I am a college student....
Responder:  Hi am .......  A friend of mine is relocating and will need a Nanny/Baby sitter for her 2yrs old Boy.  Kindly contact her on ..... (email address)...
My reply:  Thanks, I will email her.
So that friend of his introduced herself and wrote me a long email listing my duty.  Said that she will instruct her financial assistant to pay for the first week before their arrival so as to secure my service in advanace.  She will also like me to send a copy of my resume and also send her my full name and address so that the payment for my services can be issued out to me.  Also said if I am a college student, we could work around.
I emailed back decling her offer.

(6) Offered job (didn't say what) - sounds fishy.
Responder: Hello, my name is ......... im .............. of ........... COMPANY you can get back to me if you need of any job.  Regards.
My reply:  Thanks ....., I can work the wk days when I am not on my present job.  And they only schedule 1 wk ahead.  I am available next Tue n Fr. What have u to offer?
Reponder:  Okay good, what is your name and your age and also where are you from?
My reply: Tell me what job n I c if I am interested first.  I have office experience too.  Where is this job?  My age is in my advert.  Jobs would have to commutable to where I live (advert).  Thanks again.
(Responder didn't replied)

Don't trust Craigslist!   I deleted my advert 9 days after I posted it.

One of Those Bad Days (2) - Wrong Flight

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Whole time during the day, Uncle CN was in Mike's mind.   Talking to Roger that evening, Mike learnt that Uncle CN had passed away that morning.   Mike love and respect Uncle CN for his kindness when Mike was a young boy.   We talked about driving the 21 hours or flying there for Uncle CN's funeral.

Monday, 2 June 2014

It was after 5 pm that the funeral was confirmed for 10 am on Wednesday in Okemah Oklahoma.   Mike accepted my views to fly to the funeral himself.   We could not afford the cost of airfares for both of us.   And I did not feel up to the drive, due to gastric attacks since Friday.    He bought his air ticket from the US Airways reservation agent, via the phone.    I saw the fare in the bank account.   An hour passed and Mike had not received the itinerary.   I called the airlines and found that the email address was incorrect!  I had heard Mike reading the email address over the phone but I did not hear the reservation clerk reading it back to ensure it is accurate.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The flight that Mike thought he had booked was Tampa/Charlotte/Fayetteville AR but the flights that he got on was Tampa/Charlotte/Fayetteville NC (10:20/12:05-14:37/15:30).    

6:24 pm, Mike messaged that he was in the wrong airport!     I checked the itinerary email.  It read Tampa FL to Fayetteteville NC!   It was partly my fault for not noticing the error in the name of the State!   Mike carried a hard copy of the itinerary and didn't realise the mistake as well.  Mike didn't realised he had boarded the "wrong" flight (right flight according to the confirmation email) nor did he realised the mistake inside the plane (with the announcements) or at landing that it is NC and not AR that the flight has taken him! 

Mike's cousin had waited at Fayetteville AR, called and asked him where he was. Mike said he was already there and then he saw a sign that said Fayetteville NC! We are thankful that the US Airways humbly recognised that there was a mistake on the part of the booking clerk.   Mike was put up at the Holiday Inn hotel (910-323-1600, room 1061) for the night.   US Airways arranged for him to fly tomorrow by Delta Airlines: Fayetteville NC/Atlanta/Tulsa (6:00/7:19-8:35/9:35)(ref. 5084Y).    His return flight, on Saturday, was also amended to Fayetteville AR/Charlotte/Tampa (7:05/10:20-11:35/13:12) by US Airways.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Mike arrived at the Delta counter as directed.  A young lady confirmed his name was on the their list, however the US Airways had not booked it properly.  5 mins to 6 am flight, Mike was handed a ticket and told to go the departure gate.  The boarding pass was not done properly and Mike was denied boarding.

Long story short, Mike missed his Uncle's funeral.   He was very unhappy with the way US Airways handled the situation.   He asked that US Airways would just fly him back to Tampa FL.   They said they have to charge for the change in date!   Mike was no angry that he bought a ticket with the Delta Airlines and flew back this day.

This whole situation and mistake cost us $819.32 (inclusive of $523.50 wrong return ticket by US Airways, $211.50 one way ticket with Delta Airlines, and other expenses).   It is as if that amount has been thrown away.   It is very upsetting when you are already living on a budget.

Personally, both US Airways and we (the customers) are to share the mistake.   US Airways should have accommodated Mike's wish to just fly back to Tamps on the 4th June without any charge for the change of date.   Also Mike should have realised the mistake, through the announcements, etc.

As of date, the US Airways gave Mike till the 1 June 2015 to use the remaining of his ticket with no charge in the change of original date.