Monday, August 01, 2011

Online Games

Monday, 1 August 2011

When there is noone to play table games with you, try online games! They are free if you can live with interruptions of advertisements. I can live with that. It gives me the break to do something quickly (about 2 mins) instead of sitting in front of the screen continuously. There won't be any interrruptions if you upgrade to paid members.

My addiction to online games started the 30 January 2010. Must be so bored and restless so I searched for scrabble. Don't know why I went for that game first instead of upwords which I find more challenging. Maybe because it is simplier.

There are other games on the as well. There are many games. I have played poppit, word whomp, 1st class solitaire, Yatzee Party but I am now stuck to the scrabble. A dictionary and a 2-letter word is available for use as well.

I found Sudoku online as well, but I hardly visit the site now.

Sometime in June 2011, the scrabble website or my computer system kept shutting me off when I was playing. And I landed with another online game site. I don't play at casinos so this is great - slot machines. This does not require as much brain work as the scrabble. And this is a great place to help people. What happen is you enter a room and there could be 4 others playing. The maximum no. of people in a public room is 5 people. And the best way for everyone to score and be happy is to help each other. You don't help anyone in the scrabble room. You play to win. In this - SlotSocial - the more you help and cooperate in the room, everyone is a winner.

Someday I am going to check out this game online. I like this game too.

I met nice people and nasty people while playing scrabble and slot machine online.

In a 2 players scrabble room, one guy kept making remarks that I was toooooooooo slow. He went on and on and I was irritated. However I kept quiet and walked out of the room.

Then there was one time, in a 2 players scrabble room. The person icon was a female, the name was a female, but from the remarks (sexual) I believe he was a male. I kept quiet and walked out of the room.

The scrabble website is not functioning as designed. Even though you choose to play in a room of 3 or 4 players, you are likely to land up in a room of 2. It is safer in a room of 3 or more. That way, people usually don't make unpleasant remarks.

One time I was in a 4 players scrabble room, one guy made some sexual remarks to the remaining 3 players (female). We warned him to stop or we would report him. He did stop and then he walked out of the room.

Meanwhile at the slot machine room, I was called a bitch. Icons for players are all the same. By the name, I believed he was a male. He didn't like the way I played so he called me a bitch. I didn't walked out this time. I played with the others and ignore him. He walked out the room eventually.

Then recently I came across a guy (whom I will call XXX here), in the slot machine room. In this game, if you see a player needing something you give yours to him/her, if you don't need it. I saw he had something I needed (which he can let go instead of spinning it away) so I asked from him. He refused, stating that he would trade if what he gets is what he needed. I know he didn't require what I was giving away in exchange for what I wanted. I remarked to XXX that he was selfish.

It happened during that session there was a host. XXX asked for something that the hose had. The host said to XXX that she wouldn't give to him what he wanted because he was selfish to other players. After a while, the host walked out of the room. I think she did not want to play with XXX in the same room. And then XXX walked out too. I enjoyed the rest of the session.

All kinds of people out there, in front of the screens, playing these online games. I am thinking it could be anyone - young, old, friendly, nasty, helpful, kind, selfish, etc. etc. or it could even be your neighbor next door. Who knows!