Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mum Will Be Forever In My Heart

Sunday, 11 November 2007

1:42:54 pm - Sis Monica phoned from Melbourne, to inform that our Mum was in a critical state. Our youngest sister-in-law, Caroline, had phoned her because she didn't know how to phone me in US. It was 4.42:54 am Monday 12 November in Malaysia. It was 7:42.54 am Monday 12 November in Melbourne.

5:57.52 pm - Lian texted me "Mum... Grandma just passed" It was 8.57.52 am Monday 12 November in Malaysia. I was getting out of a friend's home in Foothills and walking towards the car when the message alert tone sounded. My heart stopped. I had a strong feeling that my mother had passed away.

Mum has been called to rest at last. Her spirit is free now from the afflicted body. I know she is with Dad, Joseph, her beloved parents, friends. I am glad that she is now with Joseph who passed away in March 1999. I know Mum missed this younger brother of mine very much.

Mum wouldn't want me to cry for her but I can't help it. I am being selfish. I cried because I won't be able to see her when I visit Miri again. She was gone on the 6 July 2006 but now she is really gone for good from this mortal life.

I am thankful for a Heavenly Father who prompted me to phone Caroline on Malaysia 11:30 pm Friday night, to tell Mum that I love her, that I am fine here and she is not to worry about me. Caroline said Mum's closed eyes were moving when she heard my voice from the phone handset that was placed against her ears. Caroline said it seemed like Mum wanted to say something back but couldn't.

I am thankful for a wonderful mum who have shown me what it is to live life to the fullest. Even though I will not see her ever again in this mortal world until the Lord calls me home, she will forever be in my heart. I am thankful for friends for their condolences and support. I am thankful that my children were in Miri during this period and were able to there for the family (when I can't) and to walk this last leg of journey with Grandma to her resting place.

Mum will be laid to rest, next to Dad, at about 11:00 pm tonight (Malaysia 14:00 hrs Wednesday). I will be thinking of her as I have for the past many nights.