Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Driver License Finally

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Finally, after 7 years, I got my Driver License Class E!

Mike had asked me ever since I came (2007) to the US to get my license (licence in UK) but I refused.   My experience with him, instructing me, was a pressure NOT a pleasure.   Kept telling me to drive according the speed limit posted.   I have learnt that the unlawful speed is 15 mph or more and 16 mph or less below posted speed.    I was not comfortable driving at 70 mph.   And I was not used to the car, which is bigger than what I am used to.

On 12 March, 2012, I applied for a Learner Permit, whereby I must be accompanied by a licensed driver, 21 years of age or older, who occupies the front passenger seat.   Passed the vision and written test.  Paid $25.50 ($4 application fee + $21.50 license fee).   It was valid until 03-31-2016.  Drove only during the 1st 3 months.

On 9 October, 2012, Sister Susan Oa..... took me the Arkansas State Police to enquire if I needed to take a driving test to obtain a driver license.   I had to bring the original US visa and a green card when I come and apply.  I took home an Arkansas Driving License Study Guide.   I don't remember whom I asked if my OK Learner Permit could be used in AR and I was told that it was recognised.   Thinking back, I believed that there was a miscommunication there.    Why?

We are living in a gated community.  Mike said it is not illegal for me (no FL Driver License) to drive inside the residential park, so long as I am in the public roads.   So beginning 17 March 2014 (St. Patrick's Day), after having lived in the park since August 2013, I got behind the wheel again!     Got to be more confident with my driving and decided to call a local driving school on the 21 June, 2014.   And the school said that my out-of-state Learner Permit  is recognised here in Florida!   They charged $245 for 4 hours and $445 for 8 hours lessons.

On the 23 June, 2014, I called the Florida Transport Dept.   And yes, my OK Learner Permit is recognised here.   However because I had been a resident over 6 months, I have to transfer the OK license to a FL license.   I was told to bring two proofs of Personal Identification and two proofs of my residential address.

So on the 24 June, 2014, I got my FL Learner License Class E and it expires 07-25-2022.  Paid $54.25 ($48 License Fee + $6.25 Service Fee).   Since then I have been driving whenever Mike & I go out, even though there are times I would rather be a passenger.   I was not happy being forced to drive.

Today, I decided it is time I sit for my driving test and get a Driver License.   Michael said I am ready.   Sally said I am ready.   Ellen said the same.   I felt ready until I read "Stop/Start on a Grade", at the testing center.     I had not practised this!   My 'tutors' (Michael and Ellen) and I didn't do this at all!    This is the part where I was told by the examiner, after  the driving test, that I should have signalled when I was leaving the parked spot.   This was done on the side of the road, as there is no hill.

Anyway, the examiner said I passed.   What a relief.    Took me more than 7 years to get a US Driver License.    Read 4 different states of Driver's Handbooks (Arizona, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Florida).     And after 2 Driver Permits.    I only had to paid service fee of $6.25 for the upgrade from Learner License Class E to Driver License Class E, with the same validity dates.

Sister Geok Lee, you would be happy if you know that I finally did it.   Even though you have departed from this mortal world since the 6 November 2012, it was you who actually spur me to set getting my US Driver License as the year's resolution.    I think it probably in 2011 that you wrote and encouraged me.   Thank you.

Took me 7 years to have the courage to get a license to drive on the right side of the road, after having driven over 35 years on the left side of the road.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Robin's (bird) Nest in a Bicycle Helmet

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Mike hasn't been cycling since 30 April, due to physical reasons.  He was thinking of cycling again and that was when he noticed his helmet had a nest and 4 eggs in it.  I haven't cycled since 12 June!    That showed how much attention we have been of our surroundings.  They were parked close to where we go in and out of the house!
Surprise - bird nest with eggs in helmet (1)

Surprise - bird nest with eggs in helmet (2)

Surprise - bird nest with eggs in helmet (3)

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Since the day we saw the nest of eggs, I can't help looking into the nest whenever I go in and out of the house.   Initially the mother bird would fly off when she heard us opening out door to go out.   This day we saw the eggs had hatched and there were 4 hungry baby birds.   Whenever we approached the nest, their mouths were opened.
Baby robins are hungry

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

We think the mother bird knows I am a woman and a mother too.   There were times when she didn't fly away when I came out of the door.   But when Mike came out, she flew away!   This day, the baby birds were sleeping.

Monday, 21 July 2014

The baby birds have grown and they were sleeping.   I even touched them with my fingers.  Their feathers felt soft and smooth.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

In the morning, I noticed that the baby birds have not been active since I touched them on Monday and I haven't seen the mother bird as well.   I was worried if my touch had left a scent causing the mother bird to abandon her babies.   A neighbor suggested I could try feeding the babies with sunflower seeds so that they woudn't die of starvation.

In the afternoon, they were still motionless.   I had also reached into the nest and touched them.   Shined a torch into the nest, their eyes were not moving.   Shaked the helmet, no sign of life.   So I told Mike that I thought they were dead.   Maybe they have died of starvation.    I suggested to throw the nest out that evening because I don't want to throw them out tomorrow (my birthday).    When Mike unlatched the helmet from the bicycle and reach his fingers inside to feel the babies, we were shocked when one baby flew onto the ground.   They were alive!  Mike picked the baby up, placed it back into the nest and hanged back the helmet.

Friday, 25 July 2014

We were so happy.   The nest was empty.   No sign of feathers on the ground, which means they were not eaten by any predators, which means the babies had flown away!    What a great birthday present for me!      The past 3 days I had not seen the mother bird at the nest, but I had seen a robin standing on the porch and making noises.   I have read that mother birds calling her babies to fly!    So maybe that was it.   We will wait for a few days before we dump the empty nest, and see what happens.   I am grateful for this experience.
Robins are gone!

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Displinary Warning Letter (1)

Two days ago (Thursday, 3 July 2014), a customer said she would pay her purchase by cheque.    I told her she does not need to fill the cheque out and it would be printed "void" and would be returned to her.   Unfortunately the computer could not read her cheque.  So I called the Asst. Mgr. (Be) for help.   He tried, and failed to have the cheque read too.    He called for the Store Mgr. (C), who also failed to have the cheque read by the computer.   However, the Store Mgr. entered the cheque manually and the system accepted it.    Store Mgr. placed the cheque into the till.

Asst. Mgr. (Ba) counted my till at the end of my shift and noticed that the cheque was blank!   She notifed the Store Mgr. of the blank check.   Asst. Mgr. called the tel. no. on the cheque, without success.   I clocked out without signing my cashier report, of that $60 plus merchandise (blank cheque).

When I reported to work yesterday (4 July 2014), Asst. Mgr (Kr) told me that she got hold of the customer, on the phone.   AM (Kr) said that she would see the customer when she clock out at 3 pm, and would get the cheque signed.   AM (Kr) came back to the store, showed the signed cheque to me, went into the office and informed the AM (Be) on duty.

At the end of my duty today (5 July 2014), AM (Ba) who took me down, handed me a displinary warning letter, from the Store Mgr (who had already left), to sign.   The letter said verbal warning was given, which was not true.    I signed the letter.  Mike and a close friend said I shouldn't have signed the letter.   However I made a remark that I was NOT totally responsible for the blank cheque.    AM (Be) helped with the process. Store Mgr. made the final acceptance and had placed the cheque inside the till.

I don't think the Store Mgr. is going to be happy with my remark.   I don't know what this will lead to, referring to  her feelings towards me and how she would treat me from now on.   She is a very good boss and I like her very much.   However in this aspect, I know I am NOT totally responsible for this "blank cheque".   More importantly, we finally got the cheque signed the next day.   So why the disciplinary warning letter?

As for me, I will continue working hard for my present employer, be the best cashier that my employer and customers will remember.