Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The Lord Calls (5)

2 days ago, while looking at old pictures, going down the memory lane and reminiscing, my thoughts went to a friendly young man, who I am thankful for.   If it was not for this young friendly gentleman-photographer, I wouldn't have those old pictures.  I knew he worked for a newspaper.   That was in 1971 when I was in Form V.   We never met after that.

I could even remember his name, Alfred Lee.    After 48 years of not being in contact, I wanted to find him and thank him again for the pictures.   It must be that I am older now and have more time to reflect on the past.   So I looked him up on the worldwide popular social network, Facebook.   I found  Alfred Ak Lee.    This Facebook guy is fatter and having not seen him for 48 years, I was not sure he is the Alfred Lee of 1971.   However Alfred Ak Lee is a photographer and there was a picture of him when he was younger that looks like Alfred Lee of 1971.    So I requested friendship.  I wrote him a private message asking him if he was the Alfred Lee of 1971.   2 days, no reply and I wonder.   His last public posting was in May 2018.  His profile pictures is of a photographer and so it is odd that he is not posting any pictures since May 2018.

I don't know why I continue to search for him.   I read an article from of a Alfred Lee that died of cancer on the 26 July 2018.   And I saw a resemblance of the Alfred Lee of 1971 in the picture that they posted in the article.   I felt that this is the Alfred Lee that I was looking for because of what they wrote about him.

However, I didn't want to take it for granted that the Alfred Lee who passed away is the Alfred Lee of 1971.    So I messaged the only FB mutual friend of Alfred Ak Lee and myself, to check if Alfred Ak Lee had passed away.   Our mutual friend didn't know.   That is odd.   I guess sometimes there are FB friends that we hardly keep up with, like in this case.

I wonder who I could ask.   I asked a former classmate, whom I thought would know.   Nope.    A former schoolmate came into my mind.   He had worked as a Municipal Counselor so he definitely would know.    And yes, bingo, he confirmed that the Alfred Lee of 1971, was the Alfred Lee that had died last year.  I didn't know his full name (Alfred Lee Kim Lung) until I read the article of his passing.

I am sorry, Alfred Lee, that I was too late in thanking you again for taking pictures of some of our school activities.   I know I have thank you in 1971 but I felt like thanking you again.

The Lord Calls (4)

I knew Agatha Wong when we worked together at the Miri/Bintulu Project in 1973-74.   Sweet lady.   She operated a stall at the Tamu Muhibbah before she ventured into tailoring business.   I would take my clothes to her when I needed help with some sewing work.

Time passed and it was only around Chinese New Year 2019 when I wondered why she didn't reply my messages.   Found out that she had passed away on Christmas Day 2018, from colon cancer.   Last I saw her was in 21 April 2016.   Another friend gone.   She will be missed.
Last picture with Agatha Wong.  18-September-2014.

Friday, July 06, 2018

Displinary Warning Letter (2)

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Received a disciplinary warning letter for the second time, from the same employer, exactly 4 years apart! First time was on the 5 July 2014. And it was 5 July 2018 today. The difference is store and state.

On the 5 July 2014, it was a $60+ check, with the signature missing. I was the cashier so technically I was accountable for the mistake but I felt I was not to be blamed entirely. I wasn’t the one who received the check from the customer. Checks are electronically accepted by the computer, machine printed “void” and returned to customers. Because the checks were returned to them, we usually tell them that they need not sign them. In this incident, the customer’s check was not accepted so the signature is a must. With the signature, we can't deposit the check into the bank account.

I had called the Assistant Manager who also couldn’t get the check electronically read, so he called the Store Manager, who keyed in the check number manually into the machine. Store Manager put the customer’s check into my till, but forgot to ask the customer to sign. I was pleased to learn some days later that another Assistant Manager had contacted the customer and had the check signed. On the end of that incident's shift, we were not able to reach the customer.

Today, 5 July 2018, I confessed that it is my fault and carelessness as a cashier. I have mistaken a $20 for a $100 bill. I cannot excused myself that it was an old $20 version bill because I have rceived that version many times. I thought myself an efficient cashier but today I am not. I will be with the Company for almost 5 years. I don’t know what happened to my eyes and mind today. I have given free $80 cash back to a customer! I realized my mistake when I was organizing and stacking up the $20 bills. I remembered a “$100” bill but it was not among my bills in my till. 4 years ago, I said I will continue working hard for my employer, be the best cashier that my employer and customers will remember. I said that again today. I want to add that with God’s guidance and blessing.

I was so disappointed with myself. I was also upset of people’s dishonesty. I remembered it was a lady, probably in her 40’s. I strongly believe that ALL customers know what they pay their purchase with. They definitely would voice out if the change is under. There were and I believe honest customers who would voice out if the change is over. In everything there is an opposition. So with the honest, there is the dishonest. In my case today, I have encountered an dishonest person, who knew what she had paid me but chosen not to voice out the over change and chosen to walk out of the store with the extra $80 cash that I have wrongly given back. I prayed to God to instill a conscience in this lady, to return the extra $80. The amount would NOT make the Company poor, but it had shaken my self-confidence in my ability as a cashier.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Snow 2018

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Now I know why I cooked the 7 vegetables.  It is because I didn't go to work and I had more time at home.

I was scheduled to work from 8:30 am - 1:30 pm today.   Called the Assistant manager at 8:15 am.   Business was opened.  I was hopping it wasn't.  Bad icy road conditions.  TV announced to stay home otherwise drive slowly and cautiously.  On normal days, I would drive myself.  But this morning, Mike would take me.  We got out of the driveway, but got stuck on the neighborhood road.  It was like ice skating condition.

We could feel the tires swayed to the sides.  Scary.  Took us a while to slowly drive back to the house.  Lots of tire turning.  Smoke as well.  Smell of rubber.  Also because our area is elevated and there was not enough weight on the truck.  I suggested that we call AAA road assistance.  He didn't respond, guess he wanted to try the best he could.  I suggested asking Heavenly Father for help.  He said he was.  Mike is a learnt ice driver but he threw in the towel.  He told me to call the store to inform them that I can't get to work because of the road condition.  Even though I was just sitting in the truck, doing nothing else, I was exhausted by the time we got back into the house.   Anxiety exhaustion.

A blessing in disguise, not working today.  Got to hem 3 pairs of Mike's trousers and 3 pairs of my pyjamas pants, that we bought from Value Thrift Store last Thursday.

7th Day of the Chinese New Year

Thursday, 22 February 2018

I didn't learn from my mother about eating 7 kinds of vegetables on the 7th day of the Chinese New Year, which is believed to be the creation of human, therefore the human day.   My Hakka in-laws did the lei cha.   I like it but have no interest to do it.   Nowadays you can eat that any day at some shops.

I prefer the idea of 7 kinds of vegetables, cooked however you like it.  As a Christian, I learnt that God created man at the end of the 6th day (after he had created every other living things on the earth) and not on the 7th day.   But anyway. just for the fun of trying out how the taste of 7 kinds of vegetables together, I decided to stir-fry what I could gather from my fridge:  cabbage, radish, tomato, celery, bok choy, carrot, broccoli and sweet pepper.   I have 8 kinds of vegetables.

Stir-fried with oil, garlic and a few drops of oyster sauce. Tasted good!

Saturday, April 07, 2018

The Lord Calls (3)

I am writing "The Lord Calls (3)" being the 3rd of the same subject, some of the many friends, that had gone over the veil.   I missed them.

Betty Leong Pick Yun (I am not sure I spelled "Pick" correctly.  We went to the same Shorthand-Typist class in 1972.   She was my best friend then.   After graduating, we went on our respective lives and lived in separate cities.  We met and visited each other, maybe a few times.   We both got married, have children.   She was my bridesmaid.     So busy that we lose touch with each other.    Sometime in 1988, I was contacted by a family of hers, relaying me the news that she had passed, leaving behind a husband and a daughter.   She had died of pneumonia.  I probably have other pictures taken with her, apart from our class picture, but they were not in digital form.

Known Dawn Frances William since 1999, through the church.   She has gone over the veil, on the 10 October 2013.  I got the sad news from her daughter, via the Facebook Messenger.

Visited Doris Barbara Greene for the very first time on 18 December 2013, at her  home.   Thanks to our church's Visiting Teacher program, we became friends.   She sewed the following pillow, and gave it to us on the 14 April 2014.

Interestingly, I met Doris's mother, Alicia Clayton-Clavie'  at my work place.   And then, interestingly, I was assigned as her Visiting Teacher.    My companion and I visited her at her home, for the very first time, on the 26 February 2015.   Sister Greene texted me, on the 18 April 2017, that her mother had passed away on the 26 March 2017.   Sister Clayton never get to see the Easter card that I snail mailed to her on the 24 March 2017.

In the period prior to our reallocation in August 2015, I have enjoyed the friendship that I had with this beautiful mother and daughter.   I only learnt, early this year, from my Visiting Teaching companion, after continual unanswered phone calls and messages to Sister Greene, that she had passed away on the 21 July 2017, 4 months after her mother, Sister Clayton, had passed.   Miss and love you all.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Chinese New Year's Dinner 2018

Monday, 19 February 2018

Chinese New Year 2018, the year of the Dog, began last Friday, 16 February 2018.    We had our "reunion" dinner today.   Traditionally it is held on the eve of the New Year, whereby family get together.   I cooked up 6 dishes with 3 bought dishes.
Stir-fried brocolli with carrot and mushroom

Stir-fried prawns and edamame

Braised ginger beef

Blanced brocolli with oyster sauce

Braised chicken feet

Curry chicken

Barbecue pork

Roasted pork

Roasted duck

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Burst Water Pipe

This is one of those times that I still cry sometimes when I think about it.   I don't think I can laugh about it........

So we have rented this home (154.....) for 2 years, continued renting on a month to month basic, for 2 months.   We couldn't rent another month because the landlord had found a tenant that would take up a year's lease.  We had to move out by the 31st July 2015.

Thankfully, there was a friend (Frs), living alone, in the same gated community park, who had told us, before she left for a few months of summer holiday in another city and  state, that we were welcome to move into her house (241.....).   She did ask that we pay $500 for a month's stay, which was less than half of what we paid ($1,050) to the place we had to vacate.

Mike was in the process of hearing from a potential employer in the month of August, so this temporal housing was a blessing for us.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Disappointed with 2 people (R&K).   They came in the morning, gave us the key to the house of Frs that we were moving into, told us that they would be coming back at 4 pm to pick up the unwanted furniture and stuff for another lady.  R&K didn't turn up nor call us.

Disappointed also with another 2 friends (E&J) who came twice in the morning to pick up our unwanted TV, VHS & DVD player, entertainment console and a book shelf.  Said they would be coming back, also at 4 pm, to help move stuff to the Salvation Army store.   They also didn't turn up nor call us.

Moving 2 x 2 drawers metal cabinets, 2 wooden computer desks to the outside of house was not easy for Mike.   I am small built person and I don't have the strength at all to help with those furniture.

We moved packed boxes, of what we needed to Frs's home and the rest to a storage unit.   Bought lunch and dinner from fast foot restaurants.   By the time we got done with the clearing and cleaning of the rented house 154 and by the time we got back to Frs's home to call it the night, it was already 1:00 am the next day!

Friday, 31 July 2015

On opening the front door of Frs's home, I heard water gushing and found the master bedroom's bathroom's floor flooded and water moving into the bedroom.   I ran out and cried to Mike.    After a couple of calls, Frs called back.   BK (Frs's maintenance friend), who happened to be our friend as well, came to the house.   Mike had already shut off the water supply, outside the house, successfully.   He had to use a rock to hit the frozen switch.

I was too emotionally to do anything but cried and cried.   I was extremely tired and sleepy.  We had been up since yesterday.   Amazingly, Mike was calm.   BK took control of the situation.  Between him and Mike, they soaked up all the water with towels, jeans, bedsheets, throws, etc.

Went to bed about 3 am!

Thankfully later, on this day, 2 friends (J&N) came and moved all the unwanted stuff, that Mike had moved onto the front yard of the 154 house we had vacated yesterday, to the Salvation Army store, that E&J didn't do yesterday.

Another disappointment!   I tried to machine dry all the wet clothes that had soaked up the water but unfortunately the dryer was not working as it should be.   It took 3 cycles of run to dry just the towels!  It was like 3 hours!   We ended up taking 3 trash bags of wet clothes to a commercial laundry dryer.


This was my 1st experience with water bursting from the pipes. And it had to happen when I least expected it, when all I wanted to do, was to sleep.   I know it could happen during freezing temperature in the winter time, if the pipes were not insulated.   I know of friends whose home have been flooded because of that.   Was it meant to be, that we came to Frcs's home at the right time?   What would have happened if the water was left running and nobody was there?

Friday, October 27, 2017

New York City - Snacks

Monday, 16 October 2017

The most I have paid for these snacks in my life!   I paid a total of $19.20 for the already packed 120 gm  dried cuttlefish ($10.00) plus the cost of self picked 210 gm of washabi peas ($???) plus tax.   That is New York City.   That is why so expensive.