Saturday, November 18, 2017

Burst Water Pipe

This is one of those times that I still cry sometimes when I think about it.   I don't think I can laugh about it........

So we have rented this home (154.....) for 2 years, continued renting on a month to month basic, for 2 months.   We couldn't rent another month because the landlord had found a tenant that would take up a year's lease.  We had to move out by the 31st July 2015.

Thankfully, there was a friend (Frs), living alone, in the same gated community park, who had told us, before she left for a few months of summer holiday in another city and  state, that we were welcome to move into her house (241.....).   She did ask that we pay $500 for a month's stay, which was less than half of what we paid ($1,050) to the place we had to vacate.

Mike was in the process of hearing from a potential employer in the month of August, so this temporal housing was a blessing for us.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Disappointed with 2 people (R&K).   They came in the morning, gave us the key to the house of Frs that we were moving into, told us that they would be coming back at 4 pm to pick up the unwanted furniture and stuff for another lady.  R&K didn't turn up nor call us.

Disappointed also with another 2 friends (E&J) who came twice in the morning to pick up our unwanted TV, VHS & DVD player, entertainment console and a book shelf.  Said they would be coming back, also at 4 pm, to help move stuff to the Salvation Army store.   They also didn't turn up nor call us.

Moving 2 x 2 drawers metal cabinets, 2 wooden computer desks to the outside of house was not easy for Mike.   I am small built person and I don't have the strength at all to help with those furniture.

We moved packed boxes, of what we needed to Frs's home and the rest to a storage unit.   Bought lunch and dinner from fast foot restaurants.   By the time we got done with the clearing and cleaning of the rented house 154 and by the time we got back to Frs's home to call it the night, it was already 1:00 am the next day!

Friday, 31 July 2015

On opening the front door of Frs's home, I heard water gushing and found the master bedroom's bathroom's floor flooded and water moving into the bedroom.   I ran out and cried to Mike.    After a couple of calls, Frs called back.   BK (Frs's maintenance friend), who happened to be our friend as well, came to the house.   Mike had already shut off the water supply, outside the house, successfully.   He had to use a rock to hit the frozen switch.

I was too emotionally to do anything but cried and cried.   I was extremely tired and sleepy.  We had been up since yesterday.   Amazingly, Mike was calm.   BK took control of the situation.  Between him and Mike, they soaked up all the water with towels, jeans, bedsheets, throws, etc.

Went to bed about 3 am!

Thankfully later, on this day, 2 friends (J&N) came and moved all the unwanted stuff, that Mike had moved onto the front yard of the 154 house we had vacated yesterday, to the Salvation Army store, that E&J didn't do yesterday.

Another disappointment!   I tried to machine dry all the wet clothes that had soaked up the water but unfortunately the dryer was not working as it should be.   It took 3 cycles of run to dry just the towels!  It was like 3 hours!   We ended up taking 3 trash bags of wet clothes to a commercial laundry dryer.


This was my 1st experience with water bursting from the pipes. And it had to happen when I least expected it, when all I wanted to do, was to sleep.   I know it could happen during freezing temperature in the winter time, if the pipes were not insulated.   I know of friends whose home have been flooded because of that.   Was it meant to be, that we came to Frcs's home at the right time?   What would have happened if the water was left running and nobody was there?

Friday, October 27, 2017

New York City - Snacks

Monday, 16 October 2017

The most I have paid for these snacks in my life!   I paid a total of $19.20 for the already packed 120 gm  dried cuttlefish ($10.00) plus the cost of self picked 210 gm of washabi peas ($???) plus tax.   That is New York City.   That is why so expensive.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Snow 2017

Friday, 6 January 2017

Woke up to snow on the ground and 1 digit Fahrenheit.   Looked thick but it was only like 2-3" and the area is not flat.

Frozen water in the jar


Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Christmas Dinner 2016

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Thanks to Roger who did the Christmas dinner.   Even though there were only 4 of us, I enjoyed the companionship.

Baked peach glazed ham


Green Beans Casserole
Sweet Potato Salad

Brioche Buns

Monday, August 08, 2016

Birthday Treats 2916

Monday, 8 August 2016

I told Mike not to give me any card nor flowers, for my birthday.  I also said I don't want any other material things.   I actually requested that on his way home to get me a yogurt ice cream from Braum's.   He returned home with a pizza for dinner and a ice cream cake.   That was great!   I don't care for the pizza but I love the ice cream cake.  It was delicious.

Friday, August 05, 2016

Mum's Knitting

Friday, 5 August 2016

Most of my clothings, when I was growing up, was sewn by Mum.   I remembered she told me she learnt to sew by herself.  If she is alive now, I would tell her how much I appreciate her dedication in bringing us up.   There were 5 children and she was the best mother.   We hardly get sick.  We were cleaned and fed.    

These are the 2 knitted items that I have kept that she had made.  A blue sweater for me (when I was already a teenager). A red/green strip v-check vest for my younger brother when he was in his childhood.   The bottom pink strip was a replacement or an added strip.   My younger brother passed away 8 years before our Mom passed.

I didn't follow her foot steps in sewing.   Her granddaughter does.  Mum would be so proud of this granddaughter, who happens to be her first grandchild and a special one too.

Mom Hanging Sign

Friday, 5 August 2016

I love this sign from my son, Yean.   Thank you so much.


Friday, 5 August 2016

I get all sorts of mugs during my life, but I still kept these two.   20 year or more ago, a work colleage (Sebah P) gave me the mug with my name on it.   I love it.    And 9 years ago, Mike gave me the one with a teddy bear attached.   I have not used it at all.

Christmas Presents 2015

Friday, 5 August 2016

So for Christmas presents, Mike got me a kitchen aid.   I love it.      I had wanted it but didn't think I need it since I have my 250 watt hand mixer which works great, except that it does not have the fixture for kneading dough.
Christmas present from Mike - Kitchen Aid

Mike wanted a tablet and he ordered one, so I paid him back and treated it as my Christmas present to him.
Christmas present for Mike - tablet

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Chinese New Year's Dinner 2016

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Chinese New Year of the monkey started yesterday, Monday (8 February).   Reunion dinner are traditionally held on the eve but we have ours today with 2 relatives.  2 other relatives could not make it, due to health problems so we invited 2 friends.  Plus Mike and me, there were 6 of us.    I have enough food for another 6 people!

I cooked 10 dishes this year!  Just felt like trying different recipes from the internet.   Using their recipes to blend into my own, they turned out all good!   And traditionally, we want to have lots of leftovers (plenty) for the new year.   And we did have a lot of leftovers.

Pork leg with vinegar
( - lots of collagen!   This is my late dad's favourite dish.
Braised chicken feet with Chinese mushrooms
( - lots of collagen, as well!  To those people who exclaimed this is yakky only by looking at the cooked feet and not even tasting it, I said they are not adventurous and they don't know what they are missing!

Stir fried ginger beef
I prefer my braised version (the meat being more softer) but this turned out good too.  This is beef and I probably had it in the pan too long.

Stuffed tofu with pork and prawns
( - I made a sauce to dip them with.   Delicious!

Chicken curry with potatoes
( - one of my favourite dishes.   My late mum liked to do this on a raining day.

Fried fish with soy sauce
( - love it!

Salt and pepper shrimp
( - superb delicious!

Honey garlic spareribs
( would have been moist and grossy looking, if we haven't forgotten to brush the half way baked spareribs with honey and water mixture!

Monk's vegetables
( - didn't turn out as good as I normally did, because I left it too long on the stove!

Spicy stir fried romaine lettuce
( - always love simple stir fried green vegetables cooked to right level of crunchiness.

Valentine's Day 2016

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Mike decided to celebrate Valentine's Day today, by taking me to my favorite restaurant, Olive Garden.  Left the house after 6 pm but only got to the restaurant about 7:45 pm.

Mike wanted to get his prescribed sunglasses done so we drove to the mall which is near the restaurant.   Unfortunately the sunglasses shop, illegally, could only do it with a doctor's prescription, which Mike forgot to bring (which was a blessing in disguise, because he got a better deal online, via his health insurance, a few days later).  Then we got lost, finding our way back to the right exit to our car.

I don't like rides on the expressway, especially when it is not straight.  The GPS got us passing the Olive Garden, which we found out was actually across the expressway from the mall.   Mike saw the restaurant.   This was our 1st time dinning at at this location.

We were told it would be 30 minutes wait time.  Mike asked if it was okay with me.   I was tired from the stress ride, the walk inside the mall and I was hungry (killing my hunger with not too much chips in the car).  I said, let's go, it is too long a wait.   On 2nd thought, I said we would wait since we have already travelled 17 miles and spent 1-3/4 hrs.   And who knows it might NOT take 30 minutes to be seated.    And thank goodness, it didn't.   Our beeper sounded while we were sharing a drink at the bar.

I enjoyed the Olive Garden restaurant.  I love the crispy salad (that is a must for me there).   I would be happy with that unlimited appetizer and the unlimited soup.  Eat all you can, breadsticks, were complimentary and great too!  I didn't order the soup this visit because Mike would be upset if I go cheapy, if I don't order an entree, because it is his Valentine's Day celebration and gift to me, taking me to my favorite restaurant.   So I ordered baked tilapia with scrimps while Mike ordered eggplant parmigiana.

Interestingly, for the very 1st time, we saw a ziosk, the first digital order/pay-at-the-table entertainment tablet touchscreen, on the table.  We didn't order from there but we paid through the tablet.  I was told some days later that you could end up with extra charges if you play the games on their tablet!

Thank you, Mike.  I didn't like the car ride nor did I like the mall visit, but I like the dinner.


Winter Jackets/Coat/Boots

Friday, 8 January 2016

I don't like winter because I have to wear 3 layers (including fleece wear) in our heated 68-70 deg F home.   Sleep time would be plus heated mattress and sandwiched in blanket, covered with bedsheet and spread.   And neck warmer + woolen, if not double, socks + head thermal fleece!   I would die if I am in Alaska!   Mike calls me his snow bunny!    Someone said that I need an eskimo suit!

I am very blessed and thankful for the jacket that I was given in 2009, by family members, who could not fit into it anymore. To this day, it is my favorite jacket, even though it didn't come with the hood (which I guess was lost).

The zeroxposure jacket is comfortable and warm.  Thanks to the features (shell: 100% polyester with polynrethane coating, body lining: 100% polyester, sleeve lining: 100% polyester, body filler: 60% down / 40% feathers, hood filler: 100% polyester).  It is made in China.

It was a gift so I have never checked the price of the jacket. Today, I was curious if it is still in the market.   It was selling for $69.99 on   Mine is still in perfect condition, so I didn't need a new one.   The price discovery was informative.

Given to me also, with the zeroxposure jacket, was a pair of LA Gear boots.   I love it too.  They are strong, comfortable and warm too!  And I still have them!   Unlike the zeroxposure jacket, I couldn't find these particular LA Gear boots in the internet.   So I don't know if it is still available in the market and how much they cost.

On the 22 October 2015, I fell in love with these pair of snow boots at a thrift store.   It was $4.99.   It has fleece lining.   It is smart looking, comfortable and warm too.  I am seeing smalls peels already in the creases area of the synthetic leather.   That is okay.   That is why it is sold for $4.99 in the thrift store.   I can still wear until I can't!

At the thrift store, this $6.48 winter coat caught my eye too.    I love the color.   Some weeks later, my daughter said it was too big for me and it is.   Anyway, it did the work I needed, shield me from the wind and cold.  And big enough to cover the layers of clothing I wore!   And I only wear it on my way to/from church.