Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Monday, 23 July 2007

It felt good to talk in the Malay language today. The distinctive voice of a Malaysian sounded like music to me. I felt homesick. I identified myself as a Malaysian and felt his instant support. I felt more homesick as I felt the unmistakenable friendliness that I am accustom to, with my fellow countrymen-friends.

Talking about being fussy, I phoned MAS office in Kuala Lumpur to double-check that my flight reservations from LAX to MYY were in place.

The officer attending to me was very kind. I think I am getting more long-winded and repetitive as I grow older. He was patient to hear me go on and on as I spoke about my original reservations, the change I made and the problem that I was facing at that time - booking online the connecting flight from KUL to MYY.

He was so nice. He told me what to do. He also said he was due to go off duty in 15 minutes and that if I have problem again to phone him again. He left his name.

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