Friday, February 23, 2007

Ang Pow

Saturday, 24 February 2007

*Ang* in the Hokkien dialect means "Red colour". *Pow* in the Hokkien dialect means "Wrap". The world knows that *Ang Pow* means "Red Packets". It means $$$.

If it is a white coloured envelope with donation inside it, it is not called *Ang Pow*. it is called *Pek Kim*. *Pek* in the Hokkien dialect means "White" and *Kim* in the Hokkien dialect means "gold". That is only given to bereaved families, who have lost a loved one to death.

For the Chinese, the colour Red is associated with happiness, power and triumph, while the colour white is associated with saddness, defeat. That is why we don't use red (and yellow) during a funeral ceremony.

Anyway, talking about *Ang Pow*. In my last visit to Kota Kinabalu last month, Chee Yun casually told me that she collects Ang Pows. I asked her why? Isn't that a stupid question? Just because I don't have the interest to collect doesn't mean nobody else collects!! She also casually told me that if I get back to Miri, bring whatever I can spare to her.

I search through and kept 1 of each design. I did the same here in Kuala Lumpur, with what the children already have and what they were given during this festive season. I am going to give them all to her in less than 2 weeks' time! I know she would be very pleased.

I know what I have done and give will definitely bring a glow to her face because it is her interest and it makes her happy.

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