Monday, December 26, 2005


It looks like my memory is still okay ☺. I could still recall this.

Monday, 16 May 2005. I went to see the gynaecologist with respect to the result of the specimens from the D and C that I had 2 weeks ago. Sigh! Not so good. This was one unwelcome promotion. I had been promoted from a simple (in 2003) to a complex endometrial hyperplasia. The medical report stated that this was recurrence and with a risk of developing cancer of the endometrium in the future in addition to my problem of prolonged p.v. bleeding, a hysterectomy was recommended. We agreed it would be done on Thursday.

Thursday, 19 May 2005. I understood from the Monday meeting that the hysterectomy would be performed under general anaesthesia. Another general anaesthesia – my memory will definitely suffer, I thought. However, on checking into the hospital, the anaesthetist explained to me that the hysterectomy would be approached vaginally under spinal anaesthesia. I would be mentally conscious during the operation. I don’t know what the impact on my mentality capability would be if it was a general anaesthesia (the last one being only less than 2 weeks ago).

Already afraid of the thought of my uterus being taken out and worsened by another fear of my spine being poked by a needle, I could not stop myself shivering on the operating table. The fear for my spinal cord was worse than the fear for my uterus. The gynaecologist took my hands in his warm hands and reassured me that there was nothing to be afraid of. Only after the anaesthetist had finished injecting into my spine that I felt a little better. I felt dumbness slowly filled and enveloped the entire lower part of my body until I totally lost sensibility of it. I could not lift my legs. I could not move my toes. It was as if they were dead. So this was what spinal anaesthesia felt like. The operation was a success.

Thank you, uterus, for your service to me. You have nourished my 2 beautiful children when they were just forming. I know you have to go. Byeeeeeee!! I am happy you are going because I can wear white clothing anytime now without worrying about staining them.

What a place to be in to celebrate Miri's status change from a town to a city tomorrow - 20 May 2005.

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