Sunday, August 09, 2009

Book: Learn From Successful Entrepreneurs Part 2

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Learn From Successful Entrepreneurs Part 2
(Publisher: Vanakkammalaysia Dotcom Sdn Bhd) (Price: MR10.00)

If it isn't for this book, I wouldn't have recognised the names of these successful entrepreneurs. I won't remember all the names listed in this either after reading this book but it has been very interesting to read about how they founded some of the branded things that I have heard, read, seen and used, and how others succeeded in their respective businesses and interests.

(1) Akio Morita - Sony radios
(2) Amar G. Bos - Bose speakers. Never came across them until a recent visit to a classmate and I was amazed by the quality of sound produced by the small Bose speakers

(3) Arun Netravli -
Bell Laboratories.
(4) Ashok Kumar Goel - Laminated tubes.

(5) Brownie Wise -
Direct selling of Tuppware. I think the plastic ware are the best.
(6) Carlos Slim Helu - The Book said he is King Midas of Mexico

Tan Sri Francis Yeoh - A prominent Malaysia business entrepreneur.
(8) Gianni Agnelli - The book said he is the king of Italian Industry.

Henri Nestle - First infant cereal. Now I know how "Nestle" started. It is a brand that I like - Nestle Cereal, Nestle milk, Nestle chocolate, Nestle drinks. etc.
(10) Henry Ford - Ford trucks.

(11) Jamsetji Tata - Indian business entrepreneur
(12) John D. Rockefeller - The book said he was history's first billionnaire and founder of Standard Oil Company.

Katherine Graham - The book said she is the most powerful woman of 20th century and winner of the Pulitzer prize.
(14) Larry Ellison - Oracle Corporation. This is interesting to know as I have come across the Oracle system.

(15) Liu Yonghao - Chinese business entrepreneur.
(16) Mary Kay Ash - Mary Kay beauty products. I have heard of her products but I have never tried them.

(17) Masayoshi Son - Broadband business.
(18) Michael Dell - Dell computers. I have used Dell computers before.

(19) Michael Lee-Chin - Canadian business entrepreneur.
(20) Olivia Lum - Huflux water and fluid treatment.

(21) Oprah Winfrey - Oprah Winfrey Show. I like to watch her talk shows.
(22) Ramalinga Raju - Satyam Computer Service Ltd.

(23) Ray C. Anderson - Interface Carpet.
(24) Ray Kroc - McDonald's Fast Food Restaurants.

(25) Richard Branson - Virgin Group.
(26) Richard Li - My first time reading about him.

(27) Richard M. Schulze - My first time reading about him.
(28) Roy Allen - A&W Root Beer. I prefer that to the Coca-cola.

(29) Sabeer Bhatia - Hotmail free email services!
(30) Sam Walton - Walmart. I enjoyed shopping there - good prices and plenty of choices.

(31) Soichiro Honda - Honda motorbikes.
(32) Stelios Haji-Ioannou - Low cost air travel.

(33) Tan Sri Mustapha Kamal Abu Bakar - Malaysia business entrepreneur - MK Land.
(34) Thomas Watson Jr. - IBM

(35) Tiger Woods - Golfer
(36) Tokuji Hayakawa - Sharp Company

(37) Tom Monaghan - Domino's Pizza. I don't think I have tried this yet.
(38) Dato' Tony Fernandes - Air Asia, Asia's first budget airline. Thanks to Air Asia, everyone can fly.

(39) Walt Disney - Animated Characters, Disneyland, Disney World.
(40) William Wrigley, Jr. - Chewing gum.

Out of the 40 persons mentioned in this book, I know only Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Dato' Tony Fernandes, Walt Disney! That shows how much I have been reading!

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