Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lift Ignorance

In July 2005, I wrote about a lift confusion. This time it is lift ignorance.

It was the first time I visited the Specialist Center and the first time using their lift. I got so used to pressing the button of the floors I wanted, and walking out of the same doors that I went into. This afternoon, the doors that I walked into remained shut upon reaching the in-patients' floor. I pressed the ‘open door’ button – the doors remained shut. I pressed ‘G’ floor – the doors remained shut also.

Being alone in the lift, I was getting panicky. What is wrong? Before I got to press the ‘Emergency’ button. I heard ladies voices inside the lift. Looked up the walls on my right, my left and in front, but there wasn't any video cameras. Where are the voices from? I could not make out what they were saying until a few minutes have passed when I realised that they were saying “behind, behind”.

It was then I turned around to the back and realised that I was supposed to go out of the doors opposite to the doors I came in. Nobody was using the lift, except for me, for that few minutes and the doors had remained wide open, waiting for me to get out! I noticed there were no control panel board on this side of the wall.

When I walked in, I should have just walk straight and wait at the other side and not turn around and wait at the same side I came from!! Lesson learnt - next time, look to the back if nothing happens in front.

There were 2 female nurses & 2 other female hospital assistants behind & in front of the reception counter all looking at me and smiling. I can’t help laughing at myself for being so naive to lifts!


Milky Bar Kid said...

Oh, Irene I smiled when I read your tale. Just remember that you are not the first person to do this. I can just see you there facing the door for that long moment.

Unknown said...

Mum.. seriously..

Singapore Girl said...

Hahaha...blame it on the architect!!! They are the ones who play practical jokes on people and get paid for it!