Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Beauty of a Christmas Tree

Thursday, 21 December 2006

Christmas tree (and a real look-alike tree, that friends helped to cut) was a must in the house when Sis was home, when I was then only a teenager.

It sure radiated the atmosphere of Christmas with one in the house.

I didn't continue to put up one, when Sis moved away. I didn't feel the same desire because I was a teenager who was lazy to put up a tree and furthermore the only Christian left in the house.

I did look forward to the Christmas Eve midnight service and the Christmas morning service, so that I could join the choir and sing the Christmas songs!

Hopping from one member's home to another's and eating the whole day - that was fun too!

We are thankful for the knowledge that this is an important religious event - the coming of our Saviour, and why he came.

I shouldn't have let personal feelngs rule over me when I was no more a teenager and yet didn't put up a tree during Christmas either in my own home. Maybe the beauty of the tree would have cast away all the negative energy and prick a cord in someone's heart.

Thanks to Lian. Like her Aunty, she knows the magical beauty of a decorated Christmas tree.

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Anonymous said...

Have a happy, Merry Christmas, Irene, with all your family. Must get a pic of mine on my BLOG too.