Friday, November 10, 2006

Laboratory Result

Saturday, 11 November 2006

Diagnosis of the fragments of gastric body mucosa showed mild chronic gastritis. No evidence of atrophy, intestinal metaplasia or dysplasia seen. H. pylori - negative. I am glad!

No medicine was prescribed. I am to take "Omezole 20" if I still experienced heartburn. Doctor said it is likely that I am stressed. That has caused excessive production of acid in my stomach and thus the Acid Reflux Disease.

He said I frowned! Yes, I was serious when I was listening to his analysis and consultation. I must have look gloomy! Funny Doctor - he wasn't looking at me (only a little) when he was talking to me yet he can see me frowning!!!!!

Anyway, looks like I have to avoid certain kinds of food! And no food 2 hours before bedtime! Avoid chocolates! Avoid curries! Avoid onion, cabbage, cauliflower, brocolli, spinach!!!!!!!!!!!


Singapore Girl said...

That's a piece of good news coming from a funny sounding doctor!

The list of things to avoid looks short compared to the "unwritten" list of things you could eat that Mother Earth does provide.

Let's celebrate this piece of good news with a smile and more importantly lots of dancing and singing. They release stress...

Here's a smile for you =)

Milky Bar Kid said...

Great news,Irene! I guess you can live with no food 2 hours before bedtime & avoiding chocolates (oh no!), curries(mmm),onion(mm),cabbage(m), cauliflower(m), brocolli(yuk) & spinach(yuk).