Friday, November 03, 2006

Gastroscopy - What is wrong inside me?

Friday, 3 November 2006

It wasn't as bad as I have heard and imagined!

The nurse sprayed into my mouth and throat. I felt liquid and swallow them - it was soooooooo bitter! It numbed my throat! It was as if the inner lining of my throat had ballooned. I found swallowing my saliva difficult. I had been administered with a local anaesthetic.

The doctor tapped the back of my right hand and gave me a small injection. The doctor said that was to relax me. I didn't ask him what is the name of the medicine. I guess I must have been administered with a "premed", a medicine, that I understood from the website, that would cause one to feel slightly drowsy and stop one from becoming anxious. I was more than slightly drowsy. I lost consciousness after I exclaimed to the doctor that the injection was painful. It is probably not 'premed'.

Woke up by the touch of the nurse arranging the cover around my body. It was about an hour after I fell asleep. I sat up, dizzy and cold. Told the nurse to switch of the aircon and laid down again to sleep for about an hour.

A foreign object was seen on insertion of the scope but not seen on withdrawal. The lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the stomach and the duodenum were normal.

I need to go back next Thursday or Friday. The result of the biopsy would be out. Meanwhile I am to continue taking the "Omezole 20" that I have bought from the pharmacist.

4 hours after the gastroscopy, I had a bowl of vermicelli soup. I was so hungry, having not eaten for 17 hours! And I didn't think that was a big meal, because I know it would hurt the stomach if I did. I thought I had something soupy with some carbohydrate.

My stomach didn't feel good at all even before I finish eating. The pain was still there after an hour. I don't know why I call the pharmacist instead of the doctor and on the advice of the pharmacist I took 2 "Omezole 20" capsules.

What is wrong with me? There is a strong possibility that I am suffering from Acid Reflux Disease! Got to wait for the result of the biopsy and that is 1 week to go. What is wrong inside me?

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Milky Bar Kid said...

Irene. We are thinking about you here in Scotland and hoping that all will be well with you soon. We are away on holiday tomorrow for 2 weeks but will try and find an internet cafe to check your progress on your Blog.