Monday, July 17, 2006

Another Trial or Affliction

Monday, 17 July 2006

It is over a week since mum had a stroke. She didn't fall down. She wasn't sick. That very Saturday, 8 July, morning she had been at her garden. She had spoken with my eldest sister-in-law on the phone before she had her afternoon nap. The stroke came like a thief in the night, while mum was having her afternoon nap. The next thing was my youngest sister-in-law applying pressure on her chest and calling her to wake up. She was taken to the GH by an ambulance and since then have'nt open her eyes yet. Doctor said something about brain stem and that she might remain in this state indefinitely.

Medically, I don't understand exactly what is happening but I do know that Mum might not be able to see or walk again, that she would be bedridden for the rest of her life, that she would be fed through the tube, etc. It is heartbreaking to see her in this stage of helplessness. Is it another trial for her and for all of us?


Milky Bar Kid said...

Oh, how sad Irene. We are praying for your Mum. What an anxious time for you and your family. Our thoughts are with you at this time.

Singapore Girl said...


My heart goes out to you during this time of trial for you and your family. I'm praying for your mom and you too.

Irene said...

Thank you.