Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Lift Confusion!

Monday, 27 March 2000

On the 2nd floor of Api-Api apartments, I wanted to go to the 3rd floor to visit Elder/Sister Broadhead. When I was in the lift I forgot that I was still on the 2nd floor after visiting President/Sister Spencer and that I had to press "3" but instead I pressed "2". Of course the lift remained still! So I pressed "G" and the guide said the lift is working alright. I went in the lift again and press "2" again (and not "3"!!). Came out of the lift and walk towards the apartment which I thought to be Elder/Sister Broadhead. It looks different (I have been there many times, I know which turn to take, I know how it looked from the outside) - my head must be going crazy! I looked at the number - it read 2305 and only then I realised that I wanted 3305 and 3305 is on the 3rd floor!!

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