Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Winter Jackets/Coat/Boots

Friday, 8 January 2016

I don't like winter because I have to wear 3 layers (including fleece wear) in our heated 68-70 deg F home.   Sleep time would be plus heated mattress and sandwiched in blanket, covered with bedsheet and spread.   And neck warmer + woolen, if not double, socks + head thermal fleece!   I would die if I am in Alaska!   Mike calls me his snow bunny!    Someone said that I need an eskimo suit!

I am very blessed and thankful for the jacket that I was given in 2009, by family members, who could not fit into it anymore. To this day, it is my favorite jacket, even though it didn't come with the hood (which I guess was lost).

The zeroxposure jacket is comfortable and warm.  Thanks to the features (shell: 100% polyester with polynrethane coating, body lining: 100% polyester, sleeve lining: 100% polyester, body filler: 60% down / 40% feathers, hood filler: 100% polyester).  It is made in China.

It was a gift so I have never checked the price of the jacket. Today, I was curious if it is still in the market.   It was selling for $69.99 on ebay.com.   Mine is still in perfect condition, so I didn't need a new one.   The price discovery was informative.

Given to me also, with the zeroxposure jacket, was a pair of LA Gear boots.   I love it too.  They are strong, comfortable and warm too!  And I still have them!   Unlike the zeroxposure jacket, I couldn't find these particular LA Gear boots in the internet.   So I don't know if it is still available in the market and how much they cost.

On the 22 October 2015, I fell in love with these pair of snow boots at a thrift store.   It was $4.99.   It has fleece lining.   It is smart looking, comfortable and warm too.  I am seeing smalls peels already in the creases area of the synthetic leather.   That is okay.   That is why it is sold for $4.99 in the thrift store.   I can still wear until I can't!

At the thrift store, this $6.48 winter coat caught my eye too.    I love the color.   Some weeks later, my daughter said it was too big for me and it is.   Anyway, it did the work I needed, shield me from the wind and cold.  And big enough to cover the layers of clothing I wore!   And I only wear it on my way to/from church.

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