Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Mike decided to celebrate Valentine's Day today, by taking me to my favorite restaurant, Olive Garden.  Left the house after 6 pm but only got to the restaurant about 7:45 pm.

Mike wanted to get his prescribed sunglasses done so we drove to the mall which is near the restaurant.   Unfortunately the sunglasses shop, illegally, could only do it with a doctor's prescription, which Mike forgot to bring (which was a blessing in disguise, because he got a better deal online, via his health insurance, a few days later).  Then we got lost, finding our way back to the right exit to our car.

I don't like rides on the expressway, especially when it is not straight.  The GPS got us passing the Olive Garden, which we found out was actually across the expressway from the mall.   Mike saw the restaurant.   This was our 1st time dinning at at this location.

We were told it would be 30 minutes wait time.  Mike asked if it was okay with me.   I was tired from the stress ride, the walk inside the mall and I was hungry (killing my hunger with not too much chips in the car).  I said, let's go, it is too long a wait.   On 2nd thought, I said we would wait since we have already travelled 17 miles and spent 1-3/4 hrs.   And who knows it might NOT take 30 minutes to be seated.    And thank goodness, it didn't.   Our beeper sounded while we were sharing a drink at the bar.

I enjoyed the Olive Garden restaurant.  I love the crispy salad (that is a must for me there).   I would be happy with that unlimited appetizer and the unlimited soup.  Eat all you can, breadsticks, were complimentary and great too!  I didn't order the soup this visit because Mike would be upset if I go cheapy, if I don't order an entree, because it is his Valentine's Day celebration and gift to me, taking me to my favorite restaurant.   So I ordered baked tilapia with scrimps while Mike ordered eggplant parmigiana.

Interestingly, for the very 1st time, we saw a ziosk, the first digital order/pay-at-the-table entertainment tablet touchscreen, on the table.  We didn't order from there but we paid through the tablet.  I was told some days later that you could end up with extra charges if you play the games on their tablet!

Thank you, Mike.  I didn't like the car ride nor did I like the mall visit, but I like the dinner.


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