Thursday, February 16, 2006

Valentine's Day

14 February 2006

Happy Valentine's Day! Chinese people, especially those whose parents who are not 'English' educated, are not brought up to say "I love you" or show any affection in public, even if it is just holding hands. Definitely not the older generations. Unless their mindsets have been changed, they will die, bringing their feelings with them. Their loved ones will never hear them say those 3 magical and most powerful words "I love you". If you asked them, they would say "Isn't it obvious? Why I am working my bones out for?" If you try and hold his hands in public, he became stiff. As you both grow older, the distance of walking together becomes further. He would walk so fast that you almost have to run! Is it shyness?

Definitely not so, when it comes to expressing on writing with someone you don't have to face. I didn't get any card or flowers this year. I have never receive any flowers on past Valentine's Days, but I did get cards from my children and some friends! Anyway I don't care for just a day of expression. The business people are happier this day! Valentine's Day is created and celebrated by the Europeans, never by the Chinese (until now). Have the Chinese become romantic?

I got a shock this day. An e-mail came from a Hongkong man, whom I have never met before, wrote "I love you". Just that 3 words, nothing more or less. Out of curiosity, I accepted to chat with him on the Messenger. He has fallen in love with my photo, at first sight! Yes, my photo! Not me! We chat like chicken and duck even though we are both Chinese. He understand little English and I understand little Mandarin! I wonder if he knows what is "I love you". Talked about Valentine's Day - that is my present, eh? He is welcome to my photo! It is only a photo!

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