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Don't Be Shy - Just Sing!

30 August 1971

Final night of the singing competition, of the Lutong Government Secondary School, in conjunction with the National Day celebration. This was the first singing competition organized by the school for her students, at the school hall. I had been selected into the final of the English and the Mandarin Section. I must be good! I had been practicing hard at a junior’s home but not hard enough to get a prize in both sections!

In the Mandarin section, I sang “心上人” (sound like “Sing Sun Lern” literally in English mean “the person of my heart”)(by Chang Siao Ying) and got 3rd. My prize was a fountain pen and a bottle of ink.

In the English section, I sang “All I have to do is Dream” (by the Everly Brothers). I thought I did very well but alas! I didn’t get a prize! But nevertheless, an enjoyable experience.

19 July 2011 - Thanks to JosephBHC. He related that we had to draw to see when was our turn to sing. I forgot I had drawn No. 1, so I was the 1st one to sing! JosephBHC sang too. He sang "往事只能回味"

Thanks JosephBHC for the following translation of the song you sang:

Time Passed will never return, the past left only Memory. Our childhood is like time that passed without return, the past left only memory. Remembered the puppy love when we two were together day and night. The Spring breeze have blown red the flower bubs, you also added another year on your age. You are going to change like time that past without return. I can only be with you in the dream.

Then there was PeterL, JohnC, KCFook, CWCheong, IbrahimK, AlisonCFY, MaryS. And then he said one of the Form 4 students sang "I started a joke" (Bee Gees). Thanks, Joseph, for helping to update my blog posting with the additional information you provided. THANKS A LOT.

22 July 2011 - Got an update. I love this! AngelaG, my classmate, said she sang "500 Miles" (by the Brothers Four), a folk song that the old and the young likes to sing. Yay! Thanks, AngelaG.

6 December 1971

School Leavers’ Campaign – Social Gathering – Miri Community Hall. My singing fever has not subsided and so I volunteered to sing again the English song that I sang at school, even though I did not get a prize.. I just like “All I have to do is Dream” so much. Good thing, it was not a competition.




I don’t remember exactly when. No photo no record. But I do remember taking part in a singing competition at a fun fair, organized by the Lutong Jaycees in Miri. Another attempt singing in public. This time I sang “Paper Roses” (Marie Osmond). Frankly speaking I was nervous but didn’t go flat as in the following year.



Sunday, 4 August 1974

Singing competition organized by the Lutong Jaycees at the Miri Community Hall. Chose “The Twelfth of Never” by Donny Osmond. How did I do? Well! I went flat and got booed! Luckily I was not thrown with rotten eggs or anything else, hahaha.. That was the last time I took part in a public singing competition. Would I do it again? Maybe, if I have enough training and courage.. Would I continue singing? Yes, of course!



30 years later. No. I have not taken part in any public singing competition. I am happy just to sing with my friends at the karaoke lounge, party, home and church.



“Sing, sing a song, sing out loud, sing out strong…………………………………

Sing….. Sing a song….Don’t worry it’s not… good enough for anyone else to hear, just sing….Sing a song…. (by the Carpenters???)


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